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Drops of Life ND-01 the Natural Supplement to Increase the HGH Your Own Body Creates

That is the Drops of Life Power as an Anti-Aging HGH Cream

Drops of Life Ingredients:

Unlike other competitors, we are showing you exactly what ingredients Drops of Life consist of. All the ingredients are 100% natural; safe to use and best of all Drops of Life is a natural anti-aging optimization.

Proprietary Nutrient Blends Of:



l-glutamic acid












diazolidinyl urea

Idopropynyl butycarbamate with xanthum

distilled water




coconut oil

oleyl alcohol

polyethylene stearate

steayl alcohol

tocopherol acetate


MarkL- Tryptophan  

Among the primary issues that can arise as you become older, is a general change in brain chemistry that induce mood problems as well as depression. The happy go lucky mood you required as a given whenever you were more youthful can disappear, only to be changed by stress, anxiety, uncertainty and ‘the blues’,  that will help rebalance the fundamental chemicals inside your brain and one of the most effective is tryptoohan. Tryptoohan, is definitely an amino acidity that’s an important foundation within the formation of serotonin, the industry natural chemical. Due to this it is effective in treating depression and also the dangerous side-results of worry and stress. If you're able to improve your serotonin levels, you'll be able to overcome most of the signs and symptoms of stress and depression.

Low serotonin levels will also be associated with:

  Migraine, tension and chronic daily head aches  Insomnia
  Weight problems and Bulimia  Narcolepsy and anti snoring
  Premenstrual syndrome or pms  Carbohydrates urges
  Fibromyalgia syndrome and muscle pains and aches


Provides energy for muscle tissue, brain and the human central nervous system, helps in boosting the immune system by producing immunoglobulin and antibodies, protects against the buildup of toxic substances, transfer of nitrogen from peripheral tissue to the liver, metabolizes sugars and organic acids.


I s an amino acidity that inhibits the process of aging, enhances the release of human growth hormone (HGH), that assists in healing fractures and initiates muscle growth. L-arginine is used to make nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes the blood vessels. Some studies show that male can benefit from L- Arginine as it will improve erectile dysfunction and hypertension. Additionally, L-arginine may help with inflammation, improve kidney functions, may reduce recovery time, protect against infection, and promote wound healing after surgery. 

Drops of Life is very safe to use, however if pregnant or under the age of 18 do not use ( unless GH deficiency has been established) Keep out of reach of children and do not combine with GH injection Therapy. 

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