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Drops of Life ND-01 the Natural Supplement to Increase the HGH Your Own Body Creates


That is the Drops of Life Power as an Anti-Aging HGH Cream

How to Use the Drops of Life Topical Cream

The Drops of Life is a topical cream that you just rub in to the insides of the forearms and upper arms every day. You do not have to utilize a lot as a bit of the Drops of Life goes a long way. The Drops of Life are easy to use and also the ease of the bottle causes it to be convenient to carry it along with you in the office which means you won’t miss any dosage. Everyone loves the drops of life because they are experiencing the results within few days.

Do not use if pregnant or under the age of 12. Keep out of extreme temperatures. 

General Instructions:

  • You must shake the bottle well not less than ten seconds before each use. Hit the bottom of the bottle lightly around the palm of the hands. 
  • Apply 1 / 2 of your dose from the Drops of Life to within each forearm and rub forearms together. Do not make use of your fingers for application because the skin around the fingers is thicker compared to skin in your forearms and upper arms.

  • Every week, make use of the Drops of Life for five days after which, take 2 days off. Follow this routine for 9 weeks, and then take one to two weeks off. Repeat the cycle.

Drops of Life Anti-Aging - Standard Activity Protocol 

  • Apply 15 drops, 3 times each day, around the following periods of time: 
    • Upon rising
    • Around lunchtime
    • Before going to bed
  • Exercise, including weight lifting, a minimum of 3 times per week.

  • For those over the age of 65 and do not see any changes following the first four weeks, speak to your physician. Patients above age 65 usually need greater dosing, up to 20 drops, 3 times per day.

Drops of Life - Athletic Performance Enhancement Protocol

  • Apply 10 to 11 drops 4 occasions each day, in the following periods of time: 
    • Morning hours 
    • Mid morning 
    • Mid afternoon 
    • Before going to bed 
  • Don't over train, (don't lift a lot more than 4 occasions each week). 
  • Don`t forget aerobic training, (Running, Cycling) 
  • Don't exceed your dose of the Drops of Life. 

General Note:

The body can start to crave protein. This really is very normal. Remember, you're in re-growth mode when you're using the Drops of Life. Don't diet; a minimal-carb, high-protein food regimen is perfect and can help you achieve better results sooner.

Drink 2/3 of the body weight in oz . of water daily.

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